At HPE we believe people are the reason behind our success.

We are both interested in high skilled / experienced professionals as well as young talented graduates.

We give a lot of importance to collaborations with Universities in order to find and grow new professionals.

We can offer opportunities for internships, co-ops and even research projects.


If you are interested in becoming part of our team or if you are a student and you want to have a formative experience, check the links on this page for additional information about new opportunities or compile the application form and send us your CV.

Open positions in HPE-COXA:

- CAE Engineer CFD1D
- CAE Engineer CFD3D
- Consultant Designer Responsible Specialist - Cooling system
- Consultant Designer Specialist - Exhaust system
- Metal Additive R&D Centre Manager
- Senior mechanical engineer
- Master Advanced Manufacturing Engineer
- Product Cost Engineer
- Supplier Quality Engineer
- Team Leader battery packaging
- Structural analysis Engineer (Chassis components)