Code of ethics of the companies HPE s.r.l. and COXA s.p.a. (The Group)

What is the Code of Ethics:

The Code of Ethics is one of the tools of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a document specifically drafted by the company to promote the knowledge, sharing, and implementation of good behavioral practices that reflect and represent the company’s values.
The Code of Ethics is, in all respects, a point of reference and a guide for those working in HPE Group and for those interested in working, interacting, or providing services for this organization.
Innovation, development, collaboration, sustainability, transparency, privacy protection, anti-corruption, personal and professional well-being of individuals are just some of the elements that characterize the latest update of our Code of Ethics.


Our goal:

To promote virtuous behaviors and the sharing of values that can create benefits for the people of HP Group, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, the community, and the environment, contributing to the creation of a common and shared vision.