COXA is able to manage niche volume production manufacturing using the 3600sq mt facility.

COXA is specialized in machining metals such as stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, copper, magnesium and light alloys. The use of hi-tech machines and skilled technicians, with a strong customer focus make us the perfect partner for high precision products.
We find the best solution for each problem and will not just settle for a standard approach. In fact our leading customers are companies with cutting-edge technological needs and high expectations. The harder our job is, the more we strive to make it a success.
Since 1985 every day operators have to match against new complex projects, closed times and necessity of the highest precision during manufacturing. During more than 20 years we have reached the highest level of know-how in 5 types of mechanical manufacturing:






Manufacturing processes focused upon:

Reducing setup time

Reducing manufacturing cycle time

Minimizing handling – lights out manufacture

Complete value chain management

“Right first time” manufacture

Coxa has been certified ISO 9001-compliant since 1990 and has had ISO14001 certification since 2005.